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5 Eye-catching sticker design trends for 2023

As we move into 2023, it’s important to consider what sticker design trends will be popular. From metallic to eco-friendly stickers, these trending designs are sure to make any product brand stand out from the competition. So whether you’re a small business or just starting out, be sure to consider using custom logo stickers in your marketing strategy to really grab attention!

1. Custom Shapes

Gone are the days of simple rectangular or square-shaped stickers. Now, custom shapes are taking over! Go beyond basic shapes and create something unique to your business that will draw eyes from a distance. Whether it’s an animal silhouette or a geometric pattern, custom-shaped die cut stickers will definitely make a statement.

2. White Space

If you want to emphasize a particular message or product, utilizing white space on your sticker design can really do the trick. This allows the focus of your design to stand out more prominently. Embracing white space will also stop you from overcrowding your labels and ensures a sophisticated, clean look for your brand.

3. Metallic Effects

Who doesn’t love an eye-catching metallic effect? Setting off any design with a metallic effect will make it look luxurious and chic. You can even use the metallic base to create amazing chrome colours that make your product look even more fabulous. From silver over holographic to gold, there are plenty of options that can be used to add interest to any design.

4. Minimalist Layouts

With minimalist designs continuing to trend in the world of custom sticker design, why not try incorporating this into your business’ stickers? Clean lines and simple messages are the way to go to attract people without overwhelming them with too much information. Check out product labels by The Ordinary to see what we mean.

5. Eco-friendly Materials

Consumers care more than ever about sustainability and eco-friendly materials. Show you care by using sustainable sticker materials. Some UK sticker makers offer a large range of biodegradable stickers in white, clear, silver, gold, holographic and glitter. These types of materials not only look great, but they also help your business reduce its environmental impact.

These are just some of the eye-catching sticker design trends that will be popular in 2023! From custom shapes to eco-friendly materials, take advantage of these trendsetting designs to really stand out and make a lasting impression on potential customers. With the right strategy, you can create stickers that grab attention and help take your business to the next level!