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Keeping Your Car Clean – Car Washing Guides

The appearance of your car is probably one of the most substantial characteristic that reflects your attitude in taking care of your own car. All of the interior and exterior parts found on your car will eventually wear out or malfunction due to some factors, but maintaining these parts can prolong its life span and functionality.

One simple way in keeping your car healthy is to maintain its glossy exterior to make it look like you brought it fresh from the nearest automotive dealer. You can do this just by simply cleaning your car with the proper cleaning steps. Getting your car submerged everyday in a car wash is a nice idea, but it actually cost you a lot of expenses. You can effectively clean your car by following these few guides.

Firstly, you need to find a nice car wash soap at the nearest car dealers and car shops for you to utilize. Avoid using household detergents or liquid cleansers because these products may contain a high level of PH (acidity) and can actually damage your car’s painting. You can only use acid-based cleaners only for the wheels. Next, find a shaded place, probably under a big tree to clean your car. Don not clean your car under the sunlight because the sun’s heat will cause the car to dry quickly and will leave spots on your car’s exterior.

Get your cleaning tools (e.g. bucket or hose, sponge, brush, etc.) and start cleaning your wheels and tires. Check for road dirt and remove them, especially in between the grooves of your tires. Go and rinse the underside of the car and remove the annoying dirt such as road tars, mud, and other objects that has been stucked. This is an effective way to begin with the overall cleaning process.

Next, close all the doors and windows. Probably you wouldn’t want your interiors and seats to get wet right? Using a hose (hope you have one), start spraying your car’s body surface with water. Spray it from top all the way to the bottom. By doing this, it will soak the dirt and provide you ease in removing them. Get a bucket with your car wash soap diluted in water. Using a sponge or soft bristled brush, wash your car starting from the hood up to the bumpers, spoiler (Volkswagen spoiler for instance), glasses, front and side skirts, and roof by rubbing an up and down motion. It is necessary to rinse time after time to see if you already removed the dirt on you car’s exterior surface. Try to repeat this process until your car is clean and shiny, and if you feel you have done enough.

Lastly, get your car a final rinse. By using a hose, spray the car starting from the top to let the water flow downwards. The water that flows downwards will rinse the sides as well as the wheels and tires. After doing this, dry your car by wiping it out with a clean cloth. If car is not clean enough after drying, repeat the cleaning process to make it thorough cleaned.

In addition, you can also apply car wax or polish to enhance the glossy and elegant look.