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Make your own electric SUV

The latest-generation Land Rover Defender won’t offer you an all-electric powered powertrain, but it is really now feasible to convert older models to electrical ability.

The conversion package will come from Electrogenic, a United Kingdom-primarily based firm that specializes in electric conversions of typical autos. It’s converted a wide range of classics into EVs, like a Citroën DS.

Although a lot of EV conversions are aimed at hobbyists, Electrogenic envisions its electric powered Defenders as perform automobiles. The conversion kit is aimed at the agricultural sector and landowners, and was created for mechanics to set up, in accordance to an Electrogenic push launch.

Electrogenic Land Rover Defender EV conversion

Electrogenic Land Rover Defender EV conversion


Land Rover stopped providing the vintage Defender in the United States in the 1990s, but it continued in Europe until finally 2016. Because they’re more prevalent in their household sector, more mature Defenders are less most likely to be considered as collectibles to be coddled than they are in the U.S. It really is not unusual in the U.K. to discover an cost-effective, seriously used Defender operate truck as a donor vehicle.

The conversion kit contains a 52-kwh battery pack mounted underneath the hood, which Electrogenic estimates will provide about 100 miles of assortment. A 7.5-kw AC charger is standard, making it possible for for a full cost right away, according to the organization.

A solitary electrical motor provides 120 hp and 173 pound-feet of torque, which is similar to the stock diesel motor, in accordance to Electrogenic. This will get the electric powered Defender from -60 mph in 16 seconds and up to a prime velocity of 90 mph, which is nonetheless a lot quicker than some inventory Defenders. The corporation also features a 201-hp edition with a 7.6-second -60 mph time.

Electrogenic Land Rover Defender EV conversion

Electrogenic Land Rover Defender EV conversion

The conversion retains the inventory four-wheel push process, and the quick torque and far more linear energy shipping would make it less difficult to drive off-street, Electrogenic notes.

The kit fees about $30,000—which, we’ve listened to, is about the minimal amount of money for a entire conversion if you happen to be paying a person else to do all the tiny measures. This doesn’t surface to involve labor, which would be a large further.

Additional affordable off-the-shelf conversions are not still available—batteries are the barrier, following all—but there are some exceptions. And heading extremely Diy, with all the function accomplished on their own, some have revealed that it is really attainable on a incredibly small finances, as some dwelling builds have shown.

Electrogenic Land Rover Defender EV conversion

Electrogenic Land Rover Defender EV conversion

A handful of companies also offer finish turnkey cars, even though Mini is performing its individual conversions in the U.K. When much less of trouble, these are most likely to be on the pricier facet.

Electrogenic has not mentioned whether its package will be obtainable in the U.S., but your possibilities of discovering the excellent donor car may perhaps be significantly extra minimal here. We’re hoping identical kits turn into readily available for off-roaders far more normally located in the U.S., like the Jeep Wrangler.