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Police And Emergency Vehicle Lights

There are many changes to what we used know as a police car. The conventional police lights we usually see in police vehicles during the past years have already been replaced with light bars and inside these light bars are strobe lights. The emergency lights which are used by most police cars these days actually “dance” at the top of the vehicle and these types of lights are very advantageous for the police vehicle and the other drivers that are on the road, why? First, it provides more visibility to the police who are in pursuit of a certain suspect and for the other drivers on the road the strobe light serves as a warning light that a chase is ongoing in order to avoid accidents.

One disadvantage of this kind of light is that at times it can block a driver’s vision; however the advantages actually outweigh the disadvantages. To others it can serve as a warning light when they approach the police vehicle while to some it can cause some blockage to their vision while driving. Emergency lights which are used in police cars sometimes comes in different color combination just like red, blue and white and. Some emergency lights are made of LED lights which is also very effective in emitting very bright flashes of lights.

LED lights are also used to add to the beauty of your vehicle. Construction vehicle and road service vehicle also use LED lights to warn other motorist that a construction is ongoing, especially during the night. However, if you are planning to install one in your vehicle you have to see to it that it is not as the same color as to the one which is used by the police vehicles, even though in most states the traditional red police lights have already been replaced by many different color combination; the red flashing lights are still used by many different emergency vehicles like ambulance, fire trucks and the like. You might be wondering why you can’t use the red LED warning light. Basically because it will just confuse other drivers if a chase is ongoing or is it just a construction or road service vehicle.

It is actually very important for the police vehicles in different states to use the same color scheme, for the main purpose of avoiding chaos. For example, if you see a police car that is flashing green and orange lights you might get confused if it really is a police car or not. However, for unmarked police cars using different color from the usual is really an advantage for them.