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Tips to Get Your G Road Test Driving License

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As we have said in our previous article, to drive a motor vehicle on Canadian highways, you need a valid driver’s license, a vehicle that can be bought, rented, imported, etc. Canada has a large highway system that connects to the vast majority of the population.

If you have a driver’s license in the United States, you have a great potential exchanged for the G road test booking Ontario without taking any examination, depending on the state you got the license.

Although the international license is valid for one year, and if you are residing in Canada (with any status other than tourist), you can only drive during the first two months. After this period it is necessary to obtain g road test booking Ontario.

There are three different types of license for driving cars:

G1: Allows driving long as it is accompanied by a driver who has a license of type G for at least four years. You must pass a theoretical exam to obtain this license. The restrictions of this license are:

  • The blood alcohol level must be zero.
  • It does not allow driving between midnight and 5:00 am.
  • It does not allow driving on most highways.

G2: Allows driving without accompanied by another driver. To obtain this license must pass a practical exam and be in possession of a G1 license. The restrictions of this license are:

  • The blood alcohol level must be zero.
  • Limitation on the number of passengers… if the driver is 19 years or less and driving at night.

G: Allows free driving. To obtain this license must pass a practical exam and be in possession of a G2 license.

The steps to follow if you want to get a G license are:

  • Make theoretical examination for the G1.
  • Wait a year.
  • Make practical exam get the G2.
  • Wait another year.
  • Make another practical exam to G.
  • What Waits is a must, i.e. you cannot do so immediately after the exam, so the total time in the best case is two years?

The G1 test consists of 40 questions, 20 related to responsible driving and another 20 with signals. Four faults in total in each of the parts (eight in total) and there is no time limit allowed. Once completed, delivered and we corrected at the time. If we have overcome, give us a green slip of paper that is our temporary G1 license. After a few weeks, we will receive at home the last G1 license.

On test day, you should get something before the scheduled arrange the time at the test center. Driving schools classes take place in the same area where you are going to examine and teach two or three routes that always use the examiners, so basically consist of classes learned these routes. Pay special attention to speed limits, the stops, intersections and some new maneuvers such as three points turn, but all that you explain in class. The difference between the G2 and G consideration is that in the G2 does not take you by highway, also in the G tend to be stricter with the rules. The test lasts about half an hour and when the examiner tells you the mistakes you’ve had and if you’ve passed the test. If so gives you a green paper is the G2 / G temporary license. In a few weeks, you will come home the G2 / G final.

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