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A Beginner’s Guide to Shopping at Motorcycle Dealers

So you’ve decided to saddle up into your next adventure, but you’re new to the bike scene and not sure where to begin. Motorcycle dealers work in a very similar way to car dealerships, so you can be prepared in some of the same ways. You will want to make a list of everything you absolutely must have in your new bike, and a few of the things you don’t want, as well. Before you get started on all that, you will want to verify that you’ve passed all of your certifications and legal requirements.

Logistics and Legalities

It is important to start off by getting all of your ducks in a row for paperwork and legality. First, you will want to ensure that you have the appropriate motorcycle endorsement for your state. Keep in mind that some dealers even offer to let you use company bikes to train for this certification. However, until you’ve been endorsed, it’s technically illegal to drive your bike on the road. Some states even require that you take a motorcycle safety class or another educational course, so make sure you’ve jumped these hurdles before hopping on your new bike.

Sales Floor Strategy

Once you’ve secured all the paperwork, you’ll want to start visiting motorcycle dealers in your area. The salespeople at these establishments can be extremely helpful in matching you to the right bike. They have extensive experience finding out what kinds of people work with which machines. In fact, this unique skill allows them to save you a lot of time when narrowing down the right choice. Build a relationship with a salesperson by visiting their location multiple times and trying something new every time you can.

Also, make sure to test drive the bikes that they recommend, even if the choice seems counter-intuitive. Remember, they’ve met a huge variety of personalities, and there’s a good chance that you will be pleasantly surprised by their endorsements. Even more, you might discover a specific element you prefer, from a louder exhaust system to a lower center of gravity. You won’t be able to tell until you try it!

Be Prepared for More

Browsing through bikes at motorcycle dealers isn’t complete once you’ve made a choice. You will still have to shop for everything else. Most dealers offer additional perk packages and discounts on customization, such as exhaust pipes and exterior details, so if you’re interested in these, be sure to ask about your options beforehand.

Many motorcycle dealers get kickback from successfully selling extended warranty packages. While these are sometimes worth the investment, an even better choice would be a maintenance package. Either way, offering to purchase one or both of these additions gives you a lot of negotiating power. If you really like a helmet that they have in stock, they might be willing to throw it in for the guarantee that you’ll be using their mechanics in the future. Before you sign the final paperwork, see if you can try to offer a higher down payment for a lower percentage of interest rate to try to get the best deal.