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Extra Historic Gearhead Americana: Barney Oldfield, Vintage Truckers, Prehistoric Indy Racers, And A lot more!

More Historic Gearhead Americana: Barney Oldfield, Classic Truckers, Prehistoric Indy Racers, And More!

Loads of men and women don’t know it but there is an definitely digital archive at the Library of Congress. It has come to be variety of a bizarre passion of mine to troll it for neat outdated pics to show you all.  Today we’re looking at famous early racers like Barney Oldfield and Rene Thomas who gained the 1914 Indy 500 in a Delage. There’s also some terrific pics of basic cars and trucks and vans along with some, uhhh, fascinating snow elimination gear for both equally the educate tracks and town streets. It ought to have been awesome to have been an inventor or engineer in the age that had no authentic “rules” pertaining to what things was intended to look like or how it was intended to work. Today we’re slaves to conference and back then, there was no “right” way.

These pics all caption some wonderful moments in time that notify the tale of The united states in the “old days” exactly where guys were being males and everything as harmful as hell. There are Military vans, previous race cars, and just simple neat things down right here. The 50-gallon drum serving as a “permanent” gas tank would likely not pass muster currently but again then it was the big time stu

Push Below TO SEE Shots FROM One particular OF THE MOST Impressive Periods IN OUR Historical past –

Army trucks in a line

A Brockway car in Washington

Coffee truck

Rompin' through the swamp!

Big dump truck

Ford trucks heading to Hoover Dam

Looks safe to me

Indy racing circa 1910

Mattress Truck

Barney Oldfield

Oldfield racing plane

Sleepy trucker

Weird train snow plow

Big locomotive plow

Ford built snow plows for Detroit streets

Bitchin' truck at Texaco station

Rene Thomas in a 1914 Delage that won the Indy 500

Weirdo flatbed truck


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