25/07/2024 3:14 AM


If You Really

Bodyweight Training Can Be Pure Hell

Everyone has their idea of what hard core intense training is. People will tell you how certain bad asses train. I look to the real men, the fitness icons for advice; I look to the prisons to the men that are caged like animals the men that train in small cells or in the yards no special equipment just their bodyweight to become extremely fit and strong.

But I have never heard of convicts doing one legged pistols or pistols to basketballs in prison, they keep it simple, they aren’t worrying about muscle mechanics they worry about staying fit so they survive.

Check it out yourself. They do nothing complicated. They aren’t gymnasts there not certified trainers or rocket scientists they are drug dealers, rapists, murderers. Survival of the fittest is all they care about.

Most of today’s men train in a climate controlled environment I train in outdoors in extreme heat or extreme cold this type of training builds mental toughness just as physical toughness.

The military is even getting fatter and fatter recruits and can’t get them to get into great shape reason is because they just don’t care. Until we can stop eating smoking and drinking at every chance we get you will get what you get a fat military.

As a matter of fact men that train using their own bodyweight are the fittest in the world, it’s not the weight lifters it’s the old school bodyweight trainers.

I think I know why bodyweight training disappeared for a long while it’s because it’s hard brutal work, you need to use your own bodyweight and most people can’t it’s too hard, lifting weights you can always use a lot less weight and take it easy.

Try a basic bodyweight training program for a month and come back and tell me that it doesn’t work.

Try this basic workout from Paddy Doyle’s book “PURE GRIT” it’s modified but tough just the same.

100 pushups – 100 crunches – 100 bodyweight squats – 100 squat thrusts – 100 burpees

Simple, move from 1 exercise to the next, taking no more than 10 to 15 seconds between exercises. If you can, move through each exercise with no rest.