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Canon EOS 550D Or Rebel T2i 18-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera


One of the biggest hurdles in the crossover from film and tape to digital has been the quality of the videos that have been shot on the digital cameras but that was before cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II came along and showed that there was great potential of shooting great video on digital and the Canon EOS 550D is here to prove just that. Described as the best implementation yet of High Definition video recording on an SLR (single-lens reflex) camera, this is no doubt soon to be the hottest selling camera for many professional cameramen and also amateurs with an interest in photography.

The camera boasts a couple of the usual stuff as you would expect but there is a host of several delectable new features that the users will just love. To mention but a few, there is a dedicated video record button that lets the user switch straight to live view and a new feature that Canon has named the movie crop mode which takes the center potion of the image and zooms in using the sensor’s full resolution. The result, is a VGA quality zoom that is the equivalent of a 7x zoom. But the feature that is bound to grab the most attention is the ‘Auto lighting optimizer’. This neat little feature increases detail in places covered by shadows and in the Canon EOS 550D it has three levels of intensity: low, standard and strong and also the capability to turn it off all together.

The 550D can record up to 4GB of continuous video which comes to about thirty minutes of actual recording but you should note that the recording is done in VGA quality and this means that you are likely to be have a much shorter list of options when trying to play back the video. With the still photos the quality is also very good.

The Canon EOS 550D price tag excludes it from being a simple recreational photographers toy at 1330 U.S. Dollars but this is also the kind of camera that has earned such a price a tag with a performance on both still and video shots being well above par and definitely beyond the needs of someone who simply wants the handy camera to keep at home.

Canon EOS 550D reviews both from users and professional reviewers have been quite favorable with the camera performing quite well on most fronts. The Canon EOS 550D is also available on amazon so it’s just a click away.