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How does the weight of a vehicle seem important?

The weight of a vehicle turns into a vital factor regarding the fuel it would consume. When the car is heavier, then it requires more energy for moving. Again, extra weight also increases the rolling resistance of the vehicle. This is the force that combats forward motion that gets created when the wheels roll. It suggests that lessening weight is a highly effective method to lower the fuel consumption of a vehicle.

A light vehicle is becoming lighter.

Consumer demand and stern legislation are making a remarkable difference as automakers have created lighter-weight cars by utilizing lighter components, like advanced composites and aluminum. But, again, automakers are also modifying designs in several ways so that they shed weight.

These augmentations result in the usage of smaller engines and that too without any change in performance as lesser power is required for moving a lighter car.

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The list of the heaviest cars

When you have a fascination for the heaviest cars that are available, then you need to check the following:

Mercedes-Benz 770: Mercedes-Benz 770 is considered the heaviest car as it has a curb weight of 4800 kg or 10,583 pounds. This car was utilized in the form of a state vehicle, and it has a monstrous engine and a massive size that exceeds 19 feet. 

Bugatti Royale Kellner – The curb weight of this car is 3175 kg or 7000 pounds. The engine of Bugatti Royale Kellner is one of the biggest that is built at 12.7 liters.

Maybach 62: The curb weight of Maybach 62 is 2780 kg or 6129 pounds. This car is a favorite with countless people from all across the globe as it is ultra-luxurious and longer and heavier.

Cadillac V-16 – The curb weight of this car is 2721 kg or 6000 pounds. This is more than 6 feet wide and nearly 19 feet long. Again, it is found with a 16-valve engine.

Bentley Brooklands – Bentley Brooklands has a curb weight of 2700 kg or 5953 pounds. This car has got a heavy frame and many extras. The notable thing is it has got a V8 engine that gives it a heavy footprint.

Lamborghini LM002 – Lamborghini LM002 weighs 2687 kg or 5925 pounds. The reason behind its heavyweight is it has got heavy metal all over, and its engine is enormous. Again weaponry isn’t included in this vehicle.

Bentley Azure: Bentley Azure weighs 2694 kg or 5941 pounds. It has got a huge convertible that is more than 18 feet long. The remarkable thing is it has got the distinctive over-the-top V8 engine that turns out 365 horsepower. 

Audi Q7 V12 – The curb weight of the Audi Q7 V12 is 2634 kg or 5809 pounds. The unique thing about this car is that it is found with a few jumbo engines in diesel and gasoline.

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