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Questions To Ask Before Getting a Transmission Repair

Questions to Ask a Mechanic Before a Transmission Rebuild

Asking questions before having transmission repair is a wise move. Since transmission repair is pricey and bloody then knowing what to expect can make you prepare what you need to prepare. Getting a reliable transmission repair service is possible if you approach the right car repair shop. So start asking questions to know more about their skills and capabilities in putting your car in good condition. So if you are wondering What should I ask about transmission? Here is some question you would pop:

How much will it cost me?

Transmission repair can cost less or too much that’s why getting an estimated cost should be asked before having it fixed. Upon inspection by the technician, they can give an estimated cost but they have to check all parts of your transmission to be able to give the closest estimate on the cost. It might not be accurate since it’s really hard to tell how much but at least you will have an idea how much to prepare for the transmission repair of your vehicle. 

Are your Technicians Experienced Enough?

Asking this question can assure you that your car will be in good hands. AUto repair shops that have skilled technicians wouldn’t mind answering these questions. Some may even show proof that their technicians are indeed experts in handling vehicles by displaying the certificates of their technicians since this can add up to attracting more clients to check on their shops. Choosing an auto repair shop with skilled technicians can lessen your worries about who is handling your car. 

Do you maintain an in-house transmission Rebuild Department in your Auto Shop?

Working as a team in rebuilding transmission can give high-quality results. That’s why auto repair shops that have in-house rebuild departments can give satisfactory results when it comes to transmission repair. 

Do you work with equipment?

An auto shop that has equipment can inspect and repair cars better. Proper tools and equipment can fasten the repair process plus the accuracy of inspection can be done properly especially when it comes to transmission rebuilding since there are tiny parts that need tools to be assembled and removed. Auto shops that invest in tools and equipment mean they really mean business and want the best for their customers. 

How Long Can You Rebuild My transmission?

How long does it take a mechanic to replace a transmission? Transmission repair may take some time, so give them enough ample time to make it. However, it will still be fine to ask how many days you have to wait to get your car back so you can arrange your transportation alternatives. 

Signs that Your Transmission Needs Repair

Car shakes when you are shifting your Gears

Good condition transmission would give you a smooth ride. However, if you feel jerking motion when you shift gear then there might be issues with your transmission. One reason may be low fluid level, maintaining your fluid level is important to put your transmission in a good working condition. 

The smell of Burning Fluid 

The smell of burning fluid is an indication of a leak, the drippings are going to the hot engine or dirty fuels can also damage the transmission. Changing your fluid now and then is important in keeping your transmission in good running condition. 

Slipping Gears 

If you notice your gears “slipping” as well as delayed acceleration when you press the gas. Then there is an issue with your transmission. It can be an indication that your combustion part is not producing enough power or there might be worn out or broken bands.


These are just a few questions to ask before getting a transmission repair. Knowing the answer to these questions can give you an idea of what to expect and how your transmission repair will be done as well as know who to trust your transmission with. Car Repairs are usually pricey so knowing the details is just fair enough for you as a car owner. By asking questions you can be guaranteed that your transmission is in good hands. Get your question answered so you can have fewer worries as they repair or rebuild your transmission and be able to sleep soundly while waiting for your car to be done.