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Real Wheels: Fast and functional, Bluffton couple take advantage of deals

BLUFFTON — Two memorable matters occurred to Dennis Morrison following a young lady caught his eye when he returned residence from Vietnam in 1969.

The most effective was acquiring a day with former classmate Donna McCluer, whom he will be married to for 50 yrs on Oct. 7.

The next had to deal with rapid autos and her 1967 Buick GS 400.

“It is a enjoyment car or truck to travel, particularly for those people who feel it does not have a lot electricity,” Dennis claimed. “Little do they know about what’s beneath the hood. Buick held the said horsepower minimal to continue to keep insurance coverage costs decrease. The 340 horsepower is very likely a ton additional.”

The 1967 Buick GS 400 was the 1st car Donna at any time procured. She purchased it from Clark’s Buick in Bluffton after the original proprietor traded it in. He owned it just a several months following buying it new.

“At that time he mentioned he did not know why he ordered it,” Dennis stated. “Now he suggests he wished he experienced kept it.”

That’s accurate with several individuals who the moment owned a Gran Sport, according to Warm Cars journal.

The Buick 400 was the result of Basic Motors’ attempts to create sports versions throughout an era wherever muscle cars and trucks dominated the streets. The 400 was meant to be the most splendidly geared up GM athletics product of that era. Nevertheless, the Gran Sport never ever claimed the “in-your-experience magnetism” of GM cars like the Pontiac GTO or Chevrolet Camaro. They were referred to as “Jimi Hendrix cars” by Muscle mass Auto magazine, while the Buick GS-400 was mentioned to be far more simple listening, far more Herb Alpert.

Which is all transformed now.

Nowadays, the Buick Gran Sport is a common motor vehicle remarkably sought by muscle mass enthusiasts. Donna Morrison is 1 of the several who can say she has owned her 1967 model for 55 a long time.

“We take pleasure in taking it to vehicle displays like the Lions Club Festival of Wheels in Bluffton or Pioneer Times in Kalida. It attracts a whole lot of attention,” Dennis claims.

The Buick GS 400 is not the only traditional car or truck the Morrisons have. The other close of the spectrum puts them in the seats of a 1992 Eddie Bauer Ford Aerostar minivan.

The Aerostar was Ford’s remedy to the Chevrolet Astro in the course of the 1980s. It was a time when the humble minivan turned out to be a person of the automotive industry’s biggest accomplishment tales. Mini-vans opened an untapped market of very affordable and productive loved ones transportation that continued into the 1990s. Ford produced more than 2 million Aerostars from 1986 to 1997.

Morrison’s 1992 Eddie Bauer Aerostar is now a clearly show car or truck for Dennis, who labored at the Lima Ford Motor Plant for 41 many years. And like his spouse did when she ordered her GS 400, Dennis got fairly a offer when purchasing the Aerostar.

“I acquired it from my superintendent at the Lima Ford Engine Plant. He only had the Aerostar for a small time. I have owned it all but two months of its lifetime,” Dennis said.

And even though there is no these types of point as a “hot mini-van,” lots of people can relate with Morrison’s Aerostar when he usually takes it to automobile exhibits.

“We took it on several relatives visits to Florida,” he explained. “It seems like a lot of men and women our age once had a mini-van.”

When the original proprietor traded in this 1967 Buick GS 400 convertible soon right after he procured it, Donna Morrison was brief to obtain it. It is the first auto she at any time owned.

Dennis and Donna Morrison every single have traditional cars and trucks.

Dennis Morrison purchased this 1992 Eddie Bauer Aerostar from the superintendent of the Lima Ford Motor Plant. The executive only experienced the Aerostar for a several months when he offered it.

With 340 horsepower and 440 pound for each foot of torque, the 1967 Buick GS 400 was capable of ripping off zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds.