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The Makita MAC700 Air Compressor Powers Numerous Implements

The Makita MAC700 air compressor harnesses and utilizes the power of air to perform useful functions such as powering nail guns, inflating pools and tires, and running other power hand tools with great efficiency. People cannot see air, and it appears weightless, but air has substance and incredible power that hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms prove with some regularity. Interior chambers of the device pressurize or compress air, forcing it through small nozzles at astonishing velocities. The result is powerful enough to drive nails through wood, power drills, or run high-speed sanders.

The Makita MAC700 achieves distinction due to superior design, solid construction, and amazingly quiet operation. Compressors often create tremendous sound pollution that discourages many people from using them regularly, but this model runs very quietly. The compressors work on location for commercial needs and serve equally well for home workshops. The 2.0 horsepower motor provides industrial strength for commercial applications, and the Big Bore pump provides precision piston action to maximize compression. Cast iron construction enhances the durability and lifespan of the equipment. The compressor draws low amperage for use anywhere without tripping breakers.

Sight glass provides clear visual confirmation of the engine’s lubrication level, and the oil-drain location makes draining and replacing oil simple. The versatile design makes the compressor extremely useful for home workshops. The range of tools the device can power runs the gamut from nail guns to sandblasting equipment. Home mechanics can power drills, wrenches, air spray guns, blowers, grinders, air hammers and chisels, ratchets, and many other tools. The kit includes the compressor, handle, oil, and a quarter-inch universal coupler. Instruction manuals offer essential safety protocols that operators must follow because air compressors provide significant dangers.

The Makita MAC700 meets all safety standards and regulations, but owners must follow guidelines in order for the protocols to work correctly. Using air compressors in unintended ways can cause severe injuries. Exposure to extreme heat or cold might cause compressors to explode. Sharp objects could create punctures that pose significant hazards. Compressors must be used and stored under correct environmental conditions. Power hand tools must never be disconnected until the air supply is cut off, and the tool should be bled of excess air before uncoupling. Operators should wear safety goggles when operating pneumatic equipment. High-pressure air streams should never be used to clean skin and clothing of construction dirt and dust. Pneumatic tools generate static electricity, so equipment should never be operated around open accelerants or flammable spray cans. Safe operation will ensure many years of utility from air compressors and power tools.