November 30, 2022


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Which of these classic cars can you identify by their headlights?

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MARTINSVILLE — So it is really been awhile since we have performed the “How Good Are You at Pinpointing Cars by Their Headlights” video game.

I attended a car display this earlier Thursday night and found dozens of cars parked around the Morgan County Courthouse. I experienced my digital camera and reporter’s notebook in hand. I acquired close up to six automobiles and took a number of photographs that are introduced listed here.

A couple of hints: The cars’ manufacture dates span 34 years. All six are American designed one is a Chrysler. Quantities 2 and 5 seem equivalent, but they are from distinctive several years and not the exact same maker.

I am not absolutely sure who sponsors this show every single Thursday from 5 till 9 p.m., but it truly is a good venue to see some really cool vehicles. The courthouse is beautiful, and there are several local dining establishments right downtown. It can be a nice night time out.

Send me an electronic mail or phone with your headlight IDs. The individual who receives them all appropriate wins a particular prize I will secure individually from a neighborhood junkyard and charge to my expense account.

Auto 1 

Car 1 headlights

Auto 2

Car 2 headlight

Motor vehicle 3

Car 3 headlights

Motor vehicle 4

Car 4 headlights

Vehicle 5

Car 5 headlight

Car or truck 6

Car 6 headlight

Come back following 7 days when the autos will be recognized. And the 7 days following that, to read through about an previous classic all-unique Ford owned by Roger Stiles, whose auto is represented by 1 of these headlights.

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