November 30, 2022


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Bentley’s First EV Could Have 1,400 HP And Hit 60 MPH In 1.5 Seconds

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Bentley has grand effectiveness ambitions for its initial electric powered car or truck, so substantially so that it could come to be a person of the world’s quickest generation automobiles.

The British car manufacturer’s initial EV will hit the marketplace in 2025 and throughout a latest interview with Auto News Europe, Bentley main executive Adrian Hallmark prompt it could have upwards of 1,400 hp and be able of hitting 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 1.5 seconds.

“If we’re 650 hp now with GT Velocity, we will be double that with the BEV,” Hallmark stated. “But from a to 60 mph point of watch there are diminishing returns. The challenge is, it is uncomfortable. And then it just turns into nauseous.”

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Bentley EXP 100 GT Thought

To get about this issue, Bentley will supply the EV with different acceleration modes. “You can have -60mph in 2.7 seconds. Or it can be switched to 1.5 seconds,” Hallmark claimed. “For us it would not be the brutality of acceleration that can define us.”

According to Hallmark, a crucial attribute of the EV will be its “effortless overtaking performance”, particularly involving speeds these kinds of as 30-70 mph (48-112 km/h) and 30-150 mph (48-241 km/h).

Bentley has not mentioned what sort its initially electric powered car will take. What we do know is that the EV will be centered on the VW Group’s High quality General performance Electrical (PPE) system formulated by Audi and Porsche and that the automaker will not structure it to glimpse like an electric car or truck.

One variant of the EV is envisioned to cost over €250,000 (~$263,000). This will come inspite of the truth that the electric powertrain will be less expensive than the automaker’s present 12-cylinder engine.

“The 12-cylinder motor is about 10 times the cost of the typical high quality automobile motor, and the normal battery is less than our 12-cylinder motor,” Hallmark additional. “I simply cannot wait around for batteries, they are low-priced in relative terms.”

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