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The Lincoln 337 c.i. “FAThead”

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The Lincoln 337 c.i. “FAThead”

We have all received a to start with, suitable? Lots of moons in the past, my to start with real tailor made was a 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Coupe, which was fixed up into a customized over quite a few a long time and on a pretty restricted funds. The automobile was geared up with the most significant displacement flathead V8 motor that Ford ever created… The 337 c.i. behemoth recognized as the 8EL (in 1949 – 1951 Lincolns) and 8EQ (in Ford F-7 and F-8 trucks). For quite a few yrs I held this large flathead alive and operating in my auto, largely since this youthful gentleman was too broke to rebuild it, but also mainly because it was an unusual motor for a custom made. When I would pop the hood at the A&W in Paso, there had been normally a couple ‘what the heck is that factor?!’ stares… Sad to say awesome aluminum heads and dual carb intakes for this motor were being really exceptional and ungodly expensive, so she just ran twin glasspacks and chrome head bolt covers!

Eventually I scored a very low mileage 351 Cleveland from a Mercury Cougar XR7 mated to an FMX transmission, so it was large time for the huge, fats flattie to go. As we cherry-picked the tired old motor out of her mattress, the overall front of the vehicle rose at least 6 inches from the instantaneous pounds decline of just about 800 pounds. In went the Cleveland (a great 300 kilos lighter!), and down the road I went for quite a few extra decades. The 1 matter I genuinely skipped about that ol Lincoln Flathead V8? The sound… She had a seriously unique purr. Hear it for oneself:

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